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2-620 Veterans Drive, Unit 18
Barrie, ON, L4N 9J4,
(705) 805-3696
tree removal, tree maintenance, tree pruning, branch removal, tree storm damage, stump removal, stump grinding
A trusted tree care partner that strives to bring value, professionalism and courteous customer service to our Barrie residents and businesses. The philosophy of Barrie Tree Care Pros is simple - we strive to save every tree first! Our last resort is for the removal of a tree as we understand what amazing wonders they are and the true benefits the can bring not only to your property but also the global environment. We do not consider ourselves a one-size fit all tree service provider. We understand every tree project is unique and so is every customer we work with. Our aim is to also educate our customers on the work that we will be performing on their property to ensure we are all working on the same page.
We are located in the heart of Barrie and serve all of Simcoe County. Our company is backed by trained tree technicians and arborist that have logged hundreds of hours in the field performing tree removals, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal and stump grinding. Our staff also are on call to meet any tree emergencies that may arise during a snow storm or wind storm. We back our technicians with state of the art tools and technology to ensure they perform their tasks safely and effortlessly for a professional tree removal project.
Our services not only extend to residential clients but also include commercial and business clients that may require tree maintenance on their commercial properties. With the vast land available in Simcoe county and the numerous housing developments we also offer land clearing and lot clearing of bulk trees to commercials developers.
Call Barrie Tree Care Pros today for a free no obligation quote to speak to our professional tree staff for advice and recommendations. We offer free consultation on any tree issues you may encounter and provide advice on how to tackle tree disease and tree fertilization programs.
Hours of Operation:
9 AM - 6 PM


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